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A beautiful Christmas song

I was introduced to Eclecticity today by Rowan Manahan, whose witty and informative blog I would recommend to anyone who likes to laugh and has to work for a living.

I sing in a choir and, it being the season, we’ve been singing lots of Christmas music.  Yesterday, in fact, we barged on screen during the link after Home and Away on RTÉ two and sang ‘Ding dong merrily on high’, complete with santa hats.  You can see it on the website until the end of the month – find ‘Monday 15th December part three’.

And so, via Eclecticity, I’d like to share this song with you, ‘Grown up Christmas list’.  It’s performed here by Amy Grant and was written by David Foster and Linda Thompson-Jenner.  (If you want an eye-watering biography, look no further than Mr Foster’s: the man is a legend!)  This song has been recorded by a few big names, but I think this version is the most honest and touching.  One for the virtual stocking…?

gig at Urban Soul (1jul08)

I’m just back from playing at Urban Soul, a new event for teenagers that sees them working on community projects in some of the less salubrious areas of Dublin in the daytimes and coming together to reflect and chill out in the evenings. The night ends with a kind of a talkshow/café gig and I was asked to play tonight, their first night.

I did a half-hour set, a mix of my own songs and covers:

I’ve linked to different videos of the covers there. Check out the Guillemots and Bon Iver ones – they’re from a French site called La Blogotheque which features interesting performances by bands on their ‘take-away shows’. The Coldplay one is a couple of guys I found on YouTube doing a great job of covering this, the cracking title track from the band’s latest album; it’s really lodged itself in my head. Apparently it’s the first Billboard Hot 100 #1 by a British rock band since EMF’s ‘Unbelieveable’ in 1991. Good old Wikipedia, eh?!