I teach piano, guitar, and ukulele to students at Alexandra College in Dublin. It’s a fantastic school for music and I love being part of the music department and the wider school community. As well as the one-to-one lessons that make up the bulk of my work there I also: provide piano accompaniment for exam candidates; select and play hymns in assembly on Wednesdays with my wonderful colleague, Carole O’Connor; help curate our Funky Friday assemblies with Nathan Barratt and Joe Carroll; play for school shows; generally assist in whatever way I can.

After years of peripatetic teaching it has been amazing to have my own room that I’ve been able to turn into an attractive teaching space. The students can choose to take up to two instruments from the wide range offered. I have enjoyed being able to teach both piano and guitar. The ukulele has proven very popular, too, and I’ve become slightly obsessed with its versatility and with just how much fun it is to play!

performance, teaching, composition & reviews

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