Never a dull moment…

I sometimes look back on my diaries from my student days (sadly only appointment diaries: I’m not a memoir person…yet) and marvel at the sheer variety of things I used to do. Well, since beginning life as a freelancer, it sometimes feels quite similar and my diary for this weekend was pleasingly mottled with some interesting engagements.

So, on Saturday, Jen and I (along with Margaret O’Shea, a fellow New Dublin Voice, and her friend John Wade) went in to a TV studio to take part as backing vocalists in the broadcast of a music segment for a show. I hadn’t done this kind of work before and it was good fun and actually pretty challenging.  The song was a track called ‘The way old friends do’. I didn’t know the song before – it’s an old ABBA number – and my opinion about the song has fluctuated wildly in the short time of my acquaintance with it. I just watched a video of ABBA singing it and it’s rather poignant watching them perform together.

This morning I played keyboard at the service in St George and St Thomas (Church of Ireland) church on Cathal Brugha Street. The regular organist was away and I agreed to dep(utise) for him although, not being an organist, I used the church’s Roland keyboard. I grew up in the Church of Ireland, in fact the minister of St George and St Thomas was coincidentally a curate at my church in the North when I was a teenager. I enjoyed the warm hospitality of the people and the familiar liturgy. We sang ‘Great is thy faithfulness’ at the end of the service and, despite being few in number, the congregation made a joyful noise!

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