New term

September is the real turning point of the year – the beginning of the new school term. It would be interesting to know why it was settled on that children would begin/resume their studies in the first month of autumn. My immediate thought was that it probably has to do with the agricultural calendar, like a lot of our conventions (for example, the clocks falling back and springing forward). It surely would have been more useful to have all available helpers on the farm at harvest, though, rather than reading, writing and arithmeticking…?

For me, the new term brings with it some new opportunities: I’m working with Helene Hugel, a puppeteer and clown doctor, and mentor Tim Webb, director of children’s theatre company Oily Cart, on a project for children between 6 months and 2 years old; I’ve also devised a ‘Magic Moment’ that our choir, ‘New Dublin Voices‘, will perform as part of the Dublin Fringe Festival next week.

There are a dozen ideas/resolutions that I want to pursue and develop, too:

• A generative composition (i.e. one based on an algorithm or set of rules);
• A piece of podcast theatre;
• Talks for fledgling concert-goers;
• Going to ten symphony orchestra concerts during the year and blogging about them;
• Devoting a lot more time to practicing the clarinet with a view to joining an orchestra or band;
• Recording the wedding music I’ve written to date and promoting that side of my work.

Also, having attended the Association of Irish Choir’s choral conducting course in August, I want to see if there are any opportunities to do some work with a choir…

That’s probably enough to be getting on with!

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