live MUZU TV video of one of Hamlet’s songs

Back in October, Hamlet and I went into the MUZU TV studios and recorded ‘I am a man’.  Looks good, methinks.  Keep watching and you’ll hear a couple of short interviews and ‘El Capitane’ as well as a video of David Bowie talking to Russell Harty, Hamlet’s choice from the fascinating archive available on the MUZU site.

For example, this video of Dionne Warwick interviewed on ITV.  Which runs into a fabulous little chat on a tower block roof with Ian Dury…stick around for Jonathan Richman, Kate Bush being cute…you could be there all day!  I was going to write that I thought there should be more tags, ways to search for a subject, but I actually quite like just diving in and discovering new things.  Like TV, I suppose…

And what is it with presenters and names?  “Dionne War-wick”… “Kate Bush…or is it Bush (rhyming with Lush)?”

A friend of mine posted a video of Arcade Fire, recorded in an elevator by the wonderful Vincent Moon for La Blogotheque, on Facebook.  I’ve mentioned the site before, but it really is superb.  Don’t be afraid of the fact that it’s in French – click on the archive, find your favourite band in the list and, chances are, you’ll find some great, inventive video.

3 thoughts on “live MUZU TV video of one of Hamlet’s songs”

  1. Any particular favourites on La Blogotheque? I keep coming up with fails on the video finding front. However I did manage to find my way to the beach and order a croissant…


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