More Sigur Rós in Dublin

I was delighted to hear that these talented Trintarians will be putting on another concert of music by the Icelandic group Sigur Rós.  I was lucky enough to hear their previous concert and can only presume that this one will be even better.

More details can be found on Facebook and the event has been picked up by, too (with a pleasing link to my review of the original gig!).

Student concerts can be really wonderful.  In a time when amateur music making is far less prevalent as a leisure activity, students can have the perfect blend of skill, enthusiasm and spare time to do all that is required to perform concerts simply for the love of it.  If the cost of concert-going has put you off in the past, then get yourself along to a student concert and be prepared to be very impressed!

The concert will take place in Trinity college chapel on Wednesday 4 February.

Trinity college front square by Muiris Woulfe (click to see more of her work)
Trinity college front square (chapel on left) by Muiris Woulfe (click to see more of his work)

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