The first time ever I heard you sing

I’m looking forward to playing The Stables in Mullingar on Friday with Hamlet Sweeney.  We’ve played there a couple of times and it was there that I first heard Audrey Ryan.  This time we’re supporting ‘Villagers‘, who I first heard in the distilled form of village chief, Conor J. O’Brien, performing solo at the launch of the Purty Loft a couple of weeks ago.  I was also introduced to the music of Andrew Bird yesterday.  This is a radio slot he did on Californian station KCRW’s ‘Morning Becomes Eclectic’ show (thanks to Gail for this and, indeed, for introducing me to Mr Bird).

There’s something wonderful about hearing somebody for the first time and them drawing you in with whatever it is.  It’ll be different after that, but the first time everything is new.  The lyrics may be the aspect that delights you, some turn of phrase that makes you laugh or catches you off guard with its honesty.  It may be the music, some charming riff or perhaps an instrument or combination of instruments that sounds beautifully fresh on your ear.  Whatever it is, it hooks you and beguiles you and crowns your day.

What a perfectly marvellous thing this music can be 🙂

One thought on “The first time ever I heard you sing”

  1. Just heard Biffy Clyro for the first time while surfing on Balcony TV – lovely song called ‘Mountains’ that they recorded in Hamburg.


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