The Cake Café

I’ve ordered the homemade beans on toast and some Japanese Gen Mai tea. I’m sitting in the corner, having moved from sitting outside (beside the wonderful ‘found object’ mosaics): it’s a bit colder today. That’ll hopefully not have been the extent of our summer!
I’m sporting a new haircut from the nice Arabic chaps on Camden Street. They’ve left my fringe a bit more down than I normally wear it, so I’m feeling a little self-conscious :-/
Tea’s just arrived – smells, as promised, of toasted rice.
Mmm, beans have arrived and they smell good!

Very tasty – canelloni beans, sausage, tomato (pulverised) on two generous slices of buttered toast. Toast was sliiightly burnt and a bit tough, but it all added to the homemade vibe.
The tea is really good. Went well with the food and the toast theme of today’s lunch. Very clean, I’d say it would go well with a lot of foods (on up the spice scale) in that it doesn’t get in the way.
A little blonde girl in a long white lacy skirt and red leather shoes with a strap is waiting at the door for her mum, holding a well-behaved puppy on a lead. Cuteness 🙂

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