Wonderful music site for kids and grown-ups!

I found this site via @laputean on Twitter.  It’s by a Dutch guy called Paul van Coeverden and, being entirely based in Flash, doesn’t need a lot of computer power.  He doesn’t shy away from using music that might be considered difficult, in fact the first animation I watched was of a teddy bear and was set to a piano piece by Arnold Schoenberg, the architect of the atonal movement.

There’s a fun game where you choose which track a train should travel on, matching the landscape it will pass through to the music you’re hearing (an overture by Rossini).

I can’t wait to explore it more.  It looks ideal for musically curious kids but don’t let that stop you from checking it out yourself 🙂

For another all-age treat, have a look at the animations on YouTube by Dimitriya.  They are, again, very much set to the music and so provide lots of fascination as the viewer ‘sees’ the music on the screen.

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