First gig with Hamlet in ages

Last Wednesday Hamlet and I played our first gig together in ages. He’s been busy at work (and honing his stand-up comedy skills) and I’ve been teaching full-time in primary schools. It was great to play his songs again and dust off the keyboard. I’m sure it’s been glaring at me, albeit in an inanimate, non-ocular sort of way.

Hamlet doesn’t often do covers so I was very pleased when he said he wanted to do Christy Moore’s wonderful ‘Ride On’.

Here’s the evidence, courtesy of Franziska Blum:

Next gig with Hamlet is on 15 December in the Odessa club.

My dear sister was also using my keyboard this week – playing on the RTÉ Sunday Morning mass with some other Trinity alumni and students. You can watch it here until 29 November.

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