Kirk Franklin

I’ve been a big fan of Kirk Franklin ever since my sister lived in Philadelphia for a year back in ’98/’99.  His gospel choir compositions are certainly among the absolute best and the choirs and bands he has worked with over the years have been eye-wateringly groovy.

At Edinburgh I conducted one of his pieces, ‘Blessing in the Storm’, as part of a carol service and usually sneak at least one of his pieces into the repertoire of any choir I work with.

Tomorrow he plays his first concert in Ireland and I’m quite the excited bunny!  It’s in the National Show Centre in Swords – a venue I’ve never been to – and tickets are available at this website.  I spoke to the organiser yesterday and he seemed up for doing some deals on tickets.  There are a number of different prices available, with significant discounts for people under 26.

Major recommendation, no matter what you may think of the subject material 🙂

Here’s a taster:

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