Watch Me Fly

I was chatting with a friend of mine today who helped me record this track – Watch Me Fly – a few years ago. We pitched it for a TV show about a bunch of kids in a stage school so I wrote a lyric to go along with a riff and chord progression I had.

The lights beckon: it’s time for me to get up off my knees
The world threatens to leave me in the cold and watch me freeze
My pulse quicker, I stand up tall and take my rightful place
My blood’s thicker than the water that I splash upon my face

I’m on my way…just watch me fly

Cold shouldered, pushed around and treated like a fool
But I’m bolder, there’s nothing you can do to break my cool

I’m on my way…just watch me fly

at Dublin airport, March 2007

If you’d like a copy in your iTunes library (I use Windows 7…):

  1. right-click on the picture and select ‘save link as…’
  2. go to your iTunes folder
    • in iTunes press Ctrl+, to go to Preferences
    • click on the Advanced tab
    • you’ll see the location of your iTunes folder – now click Cancel and go back to the window we were ‘Save link as…’-ing in
  3. Make a new folder called ‘Jay Wilson’
  4. Make a folder in that one called ‘Watch Me Fly’
  5. Save the track in the ‘Watch Me Fly’ folder
  6. Now right click on the picture again and select ‘copy image’
  7. Go to iTunes and Ctrl+O to add a file to your library
  8. Find the track and click Open
  9. Now right click on the track in your library and select ‘Get Info’
  10. Open the Artwork tab, click on the box, Ctrl+V will paste the image

Sorry if that seems complicated but if you weren’t familiar with how to do that, it’s really useful to know and there is a treasure trove of music out there on the internet for you to enjoy!

I’m happy to help you with any queries about the process (although I’m only familiar with PCs…).

Hope you enjoy the track – please leave some feedback. If it grows on you maybe you’d consider donating a few virtual coins via PayPal πŸ™‚

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