Pride, Prejudice, Piano, Perfect

I found the big music shop in Sydney – Allan’s on Pitt Street. Downstairs: guitars, drums and such (I got three sets of Martin guitar strings for the price of two PLUS a very compressed t-shirt!). Upstairs is sheet music, orchestral instruments, keyboards, and…pianos.

There are pianos everywhere in Sydney – we saw one in David Jones, a big old-style department store, on our first day; there was one in the hotel where we had (amazing) High Tea on Julija’s birthday; there’s even one in the tattoo parlour we pass on our way home every day! Maybe it’s because I had to leave my lovely Nord at home and I’m just hallucinating. Allan’s is a real treat, though. I spotted the music, composed by Dario Marianelli, from Joe Wright’s Pride & Prejudice and asked if I could play through it. They kindly obliged (although they put me on an electric piano…I’ll hopefully work my way up to one of the grands with a bit of practice!) and I happily played through the book.

The main theme – ‘Dawn’ – is lovely, with its threes-against-twos, its chromatic urging, and its full, ruffly arpeggios, all culminating in a marvellously long, decorated trill. *sigh*

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