Has anyone made this yet?

I would love someone to make this possible. If you get the idea from me, I’ll be happy with a free copy and one percent of profits 🙂

I have an iPod touch, so if I want to use the maps feature I need to plan ahead because it can only get online via wifi. If I know where I’m going I can take a screenshot of the part of the map I need. If I’m planning on doing some exploring, using this method gets cumbersome. The maps app will also store a certain amount of info in its cache, but this is also not enough to rely on. Here’s what I need:

• the ability to choose a point (okay, easy…)
• the app will save map data
• the user can set radius from starting point and can choose high and low values for zoom
• when saved map is accessed offline, the iPod touch GPS will allow tracking of the user’s location
• street names would be searchable
• places, e.g. restaurants, would be a bonus but maybe just a user choice – don’t want to muddy core function

This is an app for walking about, not a routefinder. Tourists could use it, hillwalkers, anyone who wants to wander. In fact, there’s a name for it – ‘Ariadne’ – after the girl Theseus frees from the Minotaur’s lair. He ties a red string to the entrance and is able to find his way out by following it back – there’s the icon, a ball of red yarn.

Feedback…? Will I call Alan Sugar?!

Bambini, Niccolo - Ariadne and Theseus

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