Composition & Arrangement

I write and arrange all types of music, pop melodies to choral works.

    • Arrangement – National Lottery advertising campaign (DDFH&B agency). I arranged various versions of Madonna’s ‘Holiday’ for the 2014 summer TV and radio campaigns.

National Lottery: Lotto ‘Nautical Dave’ from DDFH&B on Vimeo.

National Lottery: Lotto ‘Ukulele’ from DDFH&B on Vimeo.

  • Arrangement – Choose Radio campaign (Boys & Girls agency). I arranged 5-part gospel-style vocal group for national Choose Radio 2014 ad, ‘Jingles’.
  • ‘Confession’, choral piece composed for New Dublin Voices to a text by Villiers de l’Isle Adam. First performed by NDV in St Ann’s church, Dawson Street, Dublin in 2010.
  • ‘…That Passeth All Understanding’, piece for six female voices and organ, composed for friends at University of Edinburgh to a text by Denise Levertov. First performed in Canongate Kirk, Edinburgh in 2000.
  • Recessional wedding music for piano quintet. First performed at St Patrick’s church, Enniskerry, on 30 November 2007 by The Miller String Quartet and Stuart Norton.

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