Advent calendar: 6

Today’s creation is a version of Deck The Halls. I recorded a video of this song back in 2010, when we were living in Australia. I was looking for a good drum loop to use for this recording and stumbled on this interesting 12/8 flamenco pattern (3+3+2+2+2) called a Buleria, from Andalusia in Spain. I left out the ‘fa la la’ refrain (well, kind of…), and changed the chords a bit.

I’d been having some technical problems over the past few days, which had me down a bit, but I actually got myself Ableton Live earlier this year β€” a really powerful DAW (digital audio workstation). I had been thinking that I’d get round to learning its intricacies “one of these days”. Well, my other equipment stopping working forced me to just bite the bullet!

It’s so easy to use, and I had lots of fun putting down the harmony vocals and the guitar solo πŸ™‚

I took the words from Cerys Matthews’ brilliant book, ‘Hook, Line & Singer’ (changing a couple). It’s a lovely volume of sing-a-long songs – a great Christmas present for a parent of small children.

Enjoy! Please like and share, too ❄❄❄

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