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Poisoned By McDonalds Blues

My friend Jonny posted this as his facebok status about an hour ago:

POISONED BY MACDONALDS BLUES went to macd’s for a wispa mcflurry now im running to the toilet in a hurry went to macd’s, got me a big mac spent the next day flat on my back went to macd’s for a diet coke outta my way im gonna boke went to macd’s, got me some fries now i feel like im gonna die i aint ever goin back to eat that food although i hear the big tasty is quite good i got those poisoned by macdonalds blues

So I did a wee recording.

My first podcast

I played a set at The Song Room last week, 23 July, and thought I’d record the same songs for the website.

I did a bit of talking between the songs, which I edited today…quite an illuminating exercise! Lots of little vocal clicks, tics, habits and halations. (Unfortunately for my alliterative ambition, ‘halations’ isn’t actually the blanket term for exhalations and inhalations, instead having something to do with photography. If anyone knows what the word is – if one exists at all – for breath noises, be they in or out, please share.)

Click on the link on the ‘Any requests…?’ page to listen to the podcast. If you like what you hear, please consider throwing a few coins my way by clicking on the ‘Make a donation’ button.

Let me know what you think of the podcast, so I can improve things for the next one.

virtual busking

I’ve started a new page on the site, ‘Any requests…?’, up there at the top right. The idea is that people (you?) might send in a request for a song you would like me to record and I’ll put it up on the page. I sent a note to my fans on Facebook (all two dozen of them – legends every one πŸ™‚ – follow the Facebook link on the left and become one today!) and got a couple of interesting songs suggested within a day or two. Please keep the ideas coming and let me know what you think of the ones I’ve already posted. Don’t worry about being critical: I have to approve the comments before they appear on the site anyway!

If you do like the songs then please consider throwing some virtual coins into my virtual PayPal guitar case. If you don’t want to do that then please tell your friends about the site, link to it on your blog, your Facebook site etc.

Keep up to date with the updates to the blog by subscribing to the RSS feed (button at the top left). I keep a folder called ‘blogs’ on my Firefox toolbar, so I can quickly check the blogs I subscribe to.