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Rothko Smile

My jazz trio is doing its second gig tonight at Anseo on Camden Street in Dublin.  We’ve been thinking of a name and have paused for a little while on ‘Rothko Smile’, inspired by the famous painter.  His paintings are very popular and yet are rather abstract, so the idea of someone smiling a ‘Rothko Smile’ is quite an enigmatic one.  A friend pointed out on Twitter that Mark Rothko himself wasn’t a particularly happy person – maybe the pleasure we feel when seeing his work is tinged with a little sadness for its creator?

I found a blog post by a fellow WordPress user that describes some of their feelings on Rothko (and includes three very nice examples of the painter’s art).

Jazz trio

Today was the fourth rehearsal of a jazz trio comprising me (on keys), Barry Rycraft (on bass) and Satya Darcy (on drums). We worked solely on original material this time, after having started on standards. The guys are both finishing the first year of the jazz studies degree course at Newpark and their enthusiasm is infectious.

We’ll certainly be looking into recording an album and doing some gigs over the next months.