photographs from Navan

This is a slightly more involved process than we usually like in internet world, but there are some great shots at the end of the journey…

  • go to Barry Cronin’s photography portal
  • enter your name and email address to gain access
  • click on the ‘Thumbnails’ tab at the top right of the page
  • use the navigator at the top left of the page to go to page six (…then seven, then eight)
  • the photos of New Dublin Voices are numbered from 217 to 233

I must work on being more interesting while singing, clearly! I only made it into one picture – 225.

One thought on “photographs from Navan”

  1. Wait, there’s more… Bernie receiving prizes at 262, 269-272, 283, and all of us at 290.

    I must suffer from the same camera complaint as you, Jay. If it weren’t for Dave…


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