Breaking radio silence

It has been too long! Jen and I have just moved house and yesterday the nice man from chorus ntl came and installed my lovely new 12Mb connection (we’ll see how that works out, but it’s pretty zippy; eircom’s top package is only 3Mb). What’s with all these internet providers and their lower case names?! I am partial to a bit of lower case myself, it must be said.

Lots has happened over the last couple of weeks:

  • spent a lovely weekend in Donegal, like Mediterranean lovely! I brought the guitar along and my book of Michael Hedges transcriptions. Have discovered an out-of-tune fret on my guitar which I’ll have to get the guys in the shop to have a look at.
  • New Dublin Voices went on a trip to France to compete in the 37th Florilรจge Vocal de Tours. We had a crazy time getting there – our 6.25am flight was diverted to Lille…driver we’d booked wouldn’t wait or drive to get us…the coach company had made us pay in full in advance…we had to splash out for the TGV to Tours…!! After all that we had to perform in the qualifying rounds once we got there. Amazingly we got through to the final of the class for choirs of 14-24 singers, disappointingly losing out to choirs from Iceland and Ukraine. (Apparently it’s not ‘THE Ukraine’). We did, however, win a special prize for performance of a new work: Enda Bates’s mesmeric Sea Swell. Here’s a recording of the piece that Enda made last week in the Unitarian church on Stephen’s Green where we rehearse:ย  Here’s a recording, too, of our performance of Poulenc’s Hodie Christus natus est in the final:ย  Such a good weekend and I’m sure there’ll be pictures soon. It was, as ever, good to hear other choirs and to get to spend a bit more time together as a group ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Last night NDV undertook the mammoth task of recording all the pieces we worked on for the competitions this term. We had the use of the Church of Ireland’s educational centre chapel, which has a lovely acoustic and gave us the aural gratification necessary to get us through the sixteen-odd pieces! I took the opportunity to try out my new Zoom H4 recording device and it’ll be interesting to hear how it compares to the more expensive mics that Derby was using to record us.

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