Children’s music workshop at Rare Diseases Day

I really enjoyed working with the children at the Mansion House today πŸ™‚ We had quite a range of ages in the group of about a dozen kids and we had great fun making music together. We did some rhythm work, gradually building up from a simple clap to a brand new composition, the exclusive performance of which was witnessed by a group of lucky visitors to the Rare Disease Day event.

We composed a poem together, which we named ‘Spiel’, and which was inspired in part by the lovely room where we were working:


music twenty Lord Mayor nothing big space
tail’s gone Oisin dolly
pingy picture window mirror clapping RHYTHM

James Joyce would’ve been proud! We chanted the words in a specific rhythm, adding percussion instruments, chime bars, and my guitar to the mix.

Afterwards a few children and adults gathered around the very nice Petrof grand piano and did a little bit of playing, watching the hammers move and seeing how the pedal changed the way the dampers acted on the strings.

A delightful group of children and a lovely morning all round πŸ™‚

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