Giving up Coca-Cola

I travelled back from Galway today with three other choir people. (A few of us had stayed in a hostel after the choir’s concert in the lovely St Nicholas church.) Conversation turned at one point to Coca-Cola, our designated driver admitting to having drunk the stuff by the pint with his brother when they were younger. I kept schtum, nursing the conspicuous red and white bottle I’d been swigging from. “What about your teeth…your guts?!”, wondered the other passengers incredulously.

It’s pretty dumb to still be drinking this stuff habitually at my age. So, I’m going to stop.

This was never intended to be a blog about such unmusical trivialities, but I think it might make for an interesting song; the idea of trying to give up chasing after and desiring this thing that’s so good-tasting and sweet but will ultimately destroy you…the global phenomenon, the impossibility of escaping the reminder of the beloved…all your friends telling you it’s a bad way etc.

Coke Turkey – here goes!

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