Getting back into the habit

A while ago I heard Liz Moody taking on a podcast and one of the things she mentioned was cold showers. If I’ve tried this in the past it’s always been rather unpleasant and I’ve struggled to “get it” and have therefore given up as soon as I’ve begun. Liz’s slight twist on it is that she has her shower as normal and then, at the end, she turns the water as cold as possible and finishes with a cold blast.

It’s meant to be good for your hair and she also mentioned that concentrating the water on the back of your neck promotes the production of brown fat, which is apparently a good thing. It being the Easter holidays, I decided to just give it a go as my regular, school-centred routine was suspended. She said just do a few seconds at first and gradually build it up. Also, crucially, she said to do it for 28 days before deciding if it had worked or not.

Well, I’m still at it! Four months later. It’s just part of my shower routine now. I’m disappointed when I’m staying somewhere and the shower doesn’t go particularly cold.

I’m going to try the same with my blog. My long neglected blog. I’m just going to write a bit every day. Let’s see if this habit will stick, too…

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